Our services

Our services

Marine transport

Marine transport

For a country like Japan that is surrounded by water, maritime transport is an efficient transport method.
It offers highly efficient transport of large volumes of freight at relatively low cost.
Container ships are generally used for maritime transport. Depending on the type and size of freight, and import/export regulations in the countries concerned, customers can request 20 or 40 foot containers (FCL) or consolidate cargo in small-volume freight via LCL service.

Air transport

Air transport

Air transport is effective when freight must be delivered more swiftly than maritime transport can provide.
Air transport shortens delivery time, but limits the amount of freight that can be transported at a time and costs more than other transport methods. It is most suitable for goods that are required with urgency and expensive goods that make air transport worth the cost. IFS offers optimal transport methods to match deadlines and budgets, and makes sure customers’ goods arrive at their destinations on time.

IFS solutions

Diligent service

We propose the most appropriate intermodal transport services, paying special attention to details such as Japan-bound transport through overseas agencies and door-to-door transport from Japan to overseas.

Our various transport services include Port to Port, Door to Door and Door to Warehouse.

Our various transport services include Port to Port, Door to Door and Door to Warehouse.

Broad global network

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we are spreading our collaborative network around the world.

Correspondence possibility region: East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Russian Federation (excluding some regions), Oceania, North America, Latin America, European Nations (excluding some regions), South Africa * Situations may arise that prohibit service in some regions of the world.

Proven track record

We provide customers with various import and export services, including the following.


CASE 1 Importing stone from Asian nations

Importing stone from Asian nations

Nations: Vietnam, China, etc.

High-quality stone material can be mined in Asian nations.
We visit quarries with customers and receive assistance from our local agencies to make proposals for optimal transport, including export procedures in the country of origin, import clearance and delivery to your country.

CASE 2 Exporting and importing auto parts

Exporting and importing auto parts

Nation: China

Meeting deadlines, minimizing costs and maintaining quality are critical in auto parts delivery. We receive parts from suppliers throughout Japan, arrange for their export from Japan to China (export management), then arrange for the import of assembled, finished products to Japan (import management) at the designated time.

CASE 3 Importing cosmetics CASE 3 Importing cosmetics

Importing cosmetics

Regions: Europe and North America

For cosmetics transport, which varies with seasonal demand, it is vital to check cargo readiness before shipment. In cooperation with local agencies, we oversee cargo delivery that may otherwise fall behind schedule. Taking the schedules of shipping and airline companies into account, we find the best method of transport to meet customer expectations.

We also have experience in various other types of transport in many countries around the world.
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